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Indian Honeynet Project is the official Indian chapter of the Honeynet Project. Members of the Indian chapter include experienced individuals from large IT organizations in India, few of whom are also involved directly or indirectly with the Law enforcement, Defense and Cybercrime divisions under the Government of India, technology evangelists, students and researchers from various organizations. The chapter is dedicated towards creating largely distributed Honeynetwork across India help research and report its learning to the Honeynet community. There are no fees for individuals to join Indian Honeynet Project and all activities are driven by individuals voluntarily
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Honeypot Costs

Cost of putting up a honeypot 24×7

When it comes to setting up a honeypot and putting it online 24×7 one might consider the amount of money it is going to take. In this blog post I […]

Kippo SQL reference

Kippo SQL Reference

This post is a reference for SQL queries that you can use to derive information from Kippo – SSH Honeypot. This post would be extremely helpful if you have been […]


Raspberry Pi based Honeypots : pi-pot

Setting up honeypots like glastopf can be tedious and time taking. Pi-pots are pre-loaded raspberry pi images and contain various honeypot clients (like kippo, dionaea and glastopf) and other softwares […]

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